In a few days, we will make a commitment for next year to determine how far we will reach in world missions, both at home and abroad, through Orlando Baptist Church. What we do as a church will be determined by what we do as individuals and families. We call this Faith Promise Missions Giving (FPMG). Let's take a moment and understand how we are to share in this area. FPMG is a commitment between you and the Lord and is not a pledge to the church. Rather, it is a promise to the Lord that, as He supplies, you will give to the OBC World Missions Outreach. This principle of FPMG is found in II Corinthians 8-9. Verse 3 of chapter 8 says, "They gave to their power" or 'their ability' and "They gave beyond their power" or 'God's ability.' You quickly see this requires us to step out by faith. I love this giving! It is a partnership and a promise, based on faith in the Lord, that He who saves me and keeps me can provide through me to reach the world with the Gospel. So, I am a partner with the Lord and with our missionaries who go abroad by faith, and I am a partner with my church family as we all commit to a FPMG goal that we will give collectively as a church.

Here is how we get involved; as God directs you in an amount to give next year, by faith, we ask you to place that amount on the FPMG card provided and then Sunday night, at our World Missions Celebration, we will celebrate what God is going to do through us individually and as a church. Simply give and trust that God will provide the finances. Each time you give this gift, you should make a note on your giving, whether online, by check, or in an envelope, the amount that is for FPMG.

I know the Lord leads us from time to time to give to other missions causes and projects outside our FPMG, and I am all for our sensitivity to the Lord in this area. If you designate specifically to a missionary or a project, the funds will go there, not to the OBC Faith Promise Missions World Outreach.

Here is what I am asking you to do; begin praying so the Lord will send forth more servants into the great world harvest through OBC. How does He want to use you to reach our world? Spend a few moments reading II Corinthians 8:1-9 and see how He will use you in this giving opportunity.

This week we can, by faith, become intricate parts of what the Lord is doing in building His church around the world. Here is where we will determine the future of God's blessings on our church and our lives. In Matthew 9:29, Jesus says, 'According to your faith, let it be unto you.'May He entrust us with much because of our faith!