OBC Kids exists to help raise up world

changers and to teach them to love God

and love others!  We can't wait to meet you!


OBC Kids is taking every precaution to keep our families and children safe. We are meeting in-person now. 

Watch the video below to get all the details of how we prepared for our re-opening day, and how we will keep your kids safe each Sunday.

OBC Kids Reopening safety plan


OBC Kids

At OBC Kids, you will find a fun, interactive, and safe environment for your kids to play and learn. Our kindergarten through 5th grade students engage in worship, games, live skits, Bible stories, small group time, and more! There is an OBC Kids service every Sunday morning at 10:30, with a Kids friendly Bible Study Hour at 9:00.

Every 5th Sunday, our OBC Kids join their parents in our main worship service.